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Looking for a site designer? From simple single page to large enterprise class websites with hand crafted back-ends, I have built, managed and developed just about every type and kind of website. Working on large, small, CMS based, table, Table-less CSS and virtually every other kind of site has left me little uncharted territory. Here is a small list of sites that show my varying degree of ability...
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1   Link   2-Dawn
This high end gaming site boats a huge community driven system, forum and blog system all integrated and working exceptionally well for a large community.
2   Link   Frank Delise Website
Website for the master of video game design, Frank DeLise. This site boasts a community form, excellent layout, and highlights his career throughout his years as a 3D Game and Graphics designer.
3   Link   Narda Microwave East
I developed this site for Narda Microwave working for Presentations Plus Inc. I lead the project(s) taking this site from a standard html website to a full fledged product system with full back-end administration. My responsibilities included leading programers developing content, client relations, and site planing. Of course I had m hands in basically every phase, but those were my prime responsibilities. Not seen yet powerful features include a direct to print pdf catalog, fully organized and maliable product system (note the ever changing properties of products) and a mass mailing system that which allows for directed mailing and correclty manages the multitude of sales reps as well. This is one of the largest corporate sites I have had the pleasure to work on and with great satisfaction I can say this website (though not the prettiest) receives tremendous traffic, and has proven extremely effective.
4   Link   Pioneer Industries
One of the higher end sites I have built, this site boasts a clean design a complex "members only" section, and a vast in-depth review of pioneer industries abilities.
5   Link   Fielack Electric
This is a site I built while working for Presentations Plus Inc. and was very pleased with the outcome. I wrote the vast majority of the copy, designed all the graphical content and felt it came off with a very clean crisp professional look. In addition I was responsible for redesigning the logo which had drastically needed an update.
6   Link   Gadgets and Gizmos
one of the most successful websites I have built. Powered b y an exobit shopping cart this site works successfully for this high volume retail store.
7   Link   Narda Contest Site
I developed this hand coded CSS based site for Narda's Strongest link contest. Fully w3c compliant, this site proves that a site can have it all. An optimized design paired with quality construction can have a sophisticated looking site loaded with robust features and still load fast and accurately on all browsers.
8   Link   Kasentz and Katz Allstarz
I designed this site for the pop producers Kasentz and Katz Allstarz. It shows off some nice technology for easy video/music management and also has a nice clean look.
9   Link   Ahead of the PACE
This site shows off some fantastic technology though now somewhat dated and in need of a mechanical redesign. This huge "talent" database with mail system paired with a refined search system make this tool a necessity for AOP. Under the surface of this elegant example lie technologies that literally have transformed the way AOP does business.
NOTE : We are currently rebuilding this system from the ground up so, be sure to check out the new site when it goes live.
10   Link   Don Chaffin
Website I built for Don Chaffin and VOX (Voices of Extreme). Great band and great guys. Check em out if you can.
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